Catchga (www.catchga.com) is a leading blogger providing valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online education pertaining to GK & Current Affairs to students, aspirants and general public through a diversity of services. This blogger is a venture of Happy singh, a former aspirant of ssc cgl examination. The main orientation of this blogger is to create a large repository of knowledge for the general reference of students and aspirants. Catchga was launched on 22 August 2018 and is a pioneer in providing high quality content to students and aspirants of various examinations in India. The 2 member team of Catchga includes former aspirants of the ssc cgl examination.

    I found a mistake or some outdated info in the past archive, how to edit this?

Since it is a blog, there is not facility of editing the content by its users like we have in wikipedia and other wiki sites. However, when you find any error just leave your comment. We check that particular info and eliminate the error. Please note that the comments which indicate an error don't get published. This is to avoid further discussions and confusion.
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