Q) Read the following QUESTION carefully and ANSWER the questions given below them


1) What is the capital of Kuwait
 A) Dhaka
 B) Kinshasa
 C) Kuwait city
 D) Budapest

2) What is the capital of Bolivia
A)  Asuncion
 B)  Saint John's
C)  La Paz
D)  Gaborone

3) What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea
A) Kampala
B) Malabo
C)  Suva
 D) Brazzaville

4) What is the capital of Serbia
A) Podgorica
B) Kuala Lumpur
C) Bratislava
D) Belgrade

5) What is the capital of Oman
A) Sanaa
B) Muscat
C) Buenis Aires
D) Beirut

6) What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan
A) Bishkek
B) Thimphu
C) Valleta
D) Porto-Novo

7) What is the capital of Belize
A) Dubai
B) Bandar Seri Begawan
C) Belmopan
D) Abu Dhabi

8) What is the capital of Israel
A) Niamey
B) Jerusalem
C) Antananarivo
D) Zagreb

9) What is the capital of The Bahamas
A) Caracas
B) New York
C) Nassau
D) Gaborone

10) What is the capital of Tuvalu
A) Yaounde
B) Funafuti province
C) Ouagadougou
D) Sanaa

11) Where is Salim Ali National Park situated?

A) Jammu and Kashmir

B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Karnataka

12) Where is the headquarters of IDFC Bank?
A) Nashik
B) Kochi
C) Bengaluru
D) Mumbai

13) Where is Lalgarh Palace located?
A) Bikaner, Rajasthan
B) Kolkata, West Bengal
C)  Indore, Madhya Pradesh
D) Udaipur, Rajasthan

14)  Where is Guruvayur Temple situated?
A) Uttarakhand
B) Kerala
C) Gujarat
D) Himachal Pradesh

15)  Where is PCA I S Bindra Stadium situated?
A) Punjab
B) Rajasthan
C) Delhi
D) Himachal Pradesh

16)  When is International Literacy Day observed?
A) 08 September
B) 21 September
C)  12 August
D) 22 July

17)  Indradhanush Air Exercise is a bilateral Air Exercise between India and
A) United Arab Emirates
B) United Kingdom
C) Britain
D) Canada

18)  Where is Kamarajar Port situated?
A) Maharashtra
B) West Bengal
C) Karnataka
D) Tamil Nadu

19) Ankur Mittal wins double trap gold in ISSF World Championship. He belongs to which city of India
A)  Ambala
b) Panipat
c)  Sonipat
d)  Kurukshetra

20)  Which of the following is appointed as a MD of SBI
a) Arjun Kant
b) Anshula Kant
c) Ankit Kant
d) Anuj Kant

21) Aero India 2019 to be held in
a) Pune
b)  Mumbai
c) Calicut
d) Bangalore

22) Sri Lanka and Indian Navy Joint exercise SLINEX-2018 will be held at which city
a) Trincomalee
b) Batticaloa
c) Colombo
d)  Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

23)  India's 1st Global mobility summit was inaugurated in which state
a) Chennai
b)  Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) Maharashtra

24) Naomi Osaka beats Serena Williams to lift Women's singles title of US Open Naomi Osaka belongs to which country
a) Norway
b) China
c) Japan
d) Taiwan

25) Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan launched an online portal for Common carrier capacity booking on which enterprise’s pipelines
1)  HPCL










1) C

2) C

3) B

4) D

5) C

6) A

7) C

8) B

9) C

10) B

11) A

12) B

13) A

14) B

15) A

16) A

17) B

18) D

19) C

20) B

21) D

22) A

23) C

24) C

25) D

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