1) First International Day of Yoga was celebrated in which year 

A) 2014  
B) 2013 
C) 2015 
D) 2016 

2) What is the theme of World Refugee Day, 2018 

A) Refugees and their problems  
B) Refugees are people like you and me 
C) Now more than ever, we need to stand WithRefugees  
D) Refugees to be taken care of 

3) Anukreethy Vas has Crowned Femina Miss India 2018. She hails from which state 

A) Tamilnadu  
B) Goa 
C) Telangana 
D) Andhra pradesh 

4) B V R Subramanyam has been appointed as Chief Secretary of which state 

A) Punjab  
B) Himachal Pradesh 
C) Jharkhand  
D) Jammu and Kashmir 

5) Sunil Mittal will function as the Honorary Chairman of which Institution from July 1 

A) Industrial Finance Corporation of India  
B) Small Industries Development Bank of India 
C) International Chamber of Commerce 
D) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry  

6) On the occasion of 4th International Day of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a nature center in which city via video link 

A) Paris 
B) Moscow 
C) New York 
D) Berlin 

7)  which state Government has Launched Mobile App- ‘i-Hariyali’ to increase the state’s green cover 

A) Kerala 
B) Rajasthan 
C) Tamil nadu 
D) Punjab 

8) The 7th India Minerals and Metals forum was inaugurated in which city 

A) Kollam 
B) Tamilnadu 
C) New Delhi 
D) Mumbai  

9) Which of the following country has recently announced that it was withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council 

B) Iran 
C) Russia 
D) India 

10) World Refugee Day is observed on which of the following date 

A) 22 June 
B) 20 June 
C) 26 June 
D) 29 June 

11) Who is the Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable Energy 

A) R.K Singh 
B) Piyush Goyal  
C) Hansraj Gangaram Ahir 
D) Suresh Prabhu 

12) Which of the following institute has won the Prime Minister's Award for outstanding contribution for promotion and development of Yoga for the year 2017 

A) Ashtanga Institute, Mysore  
B) The Yoga Institute, Mumbai  
C) Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center Kerala 
D) Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune 

13) Who is the author of “Vedvigyan Alok” book 

A) Swami Paramananda 
B) Swami Nikhilananda 
C) Raj Bahadur Pandey  
D) Acharya Agnivarat Naishthik 

14) The City Award under the India Smart Cities Awards has been given to which of the following city 

A) Ahmedabad 
B) Gwalior 
C) Pune 
D) Surat  

15) Who among the following is the recipients of the Prime Minister's Award for outstanding contribution for promotion and development of Yoga for the year 2018 

A) Vishwas Mandalik  
B) Swami Kuvalayananda 
C) Jaggi Vasudev 
D) Niranjanananda Saraswati  

16) Which of the following village has been adopted by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission in Delhi for its Swachhata Abhiyaan 

A) Siwar 
B) Jagatpur 
C) Rampura 
D) Jeetawala 

17) Which of the following city has been selected as the 100th Smart City 

A) Kota 
B) Indore 
C) Shillong 
D) Ajmer 

18) 19th all India Conference of Directors of Finger Prints Bureaux will be held in which of the following city 

A) Shimla 
B) Hyderabad 
C) Mumbai 
D) Kovalam 

19) What is the theme for Yoga Day 2018 

A) Yoga for Life 
B) Yoga for Nature 
C) Yoga for Fitness 
D) Yoga for Peace 

20) World Music Day is observed on which of the following date 

A) 21 June 
B) 11 July  
C) 12 June 
D) 18 July 

21) Who launched ‘National Digital Library of India’ on the occasion of National Reading Day in New Delhi 

A) Ramnath Kovind 
B) Prakash Javadekar 
C) Rajnath Singh 
D) Sushma Swaraj 

22) Where is the headquarters of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries 

A) Dubai 
B) Bern 
C) Vienna 
D) Paris 

23) Which of the following team has broken the record for the highest score in a men's one-day international cricket match 

A) England  
B) New Zealand  
D) South Africa 

24) Government has set up a Chief Ministers Subgroup to Coordinate Policy Approaches for Agriculture and MGNREGS. Who is the convener of this group 

A) Pawan Kumar Chamling  
B) Vijay Rupani 
C) Shivraj Singh Chouhan 
D) Lal Thanhawla 

25) The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has formed a 10 member panel to review norms related to insurance marketing firm (IMF) with an aim to increase insurance penetration in the country. Who is the head of this panel 

A) Rajeev Sharma 
B) Subhash Chandra Khuntia 
C) Vishal Garg 
D) Suresh Mathur


1) C

2) C

3) A

4) D

5) C

6) C

7) D

8) C

9) A

10) B

11) A

12) D

13) D

14) D

15) A

16) B

17) C

18) B

19) D

20) A

21) B

22) C

23) A

24) C

25) D


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